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Glamour90210 is an online fashion destination for energetic, seductive, and free spirited women, like you!

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Carmela Lussky


Our Story

Glamour90210.com was created and designed in 2012 by Carmela Lussky. Carmela was born and raised in Houston, Texas, graduating with a Marketing degree from University of Houston. In 2009 she moved to sunny Los Angeles and worked at a country club on the beach and then went on to work as a wedding planner for a golf course in the Valley. Carmela enjoyed selling women’s apparel & accessories on Ebay, then expanded by building her own website and adding bridal accessories. She is passionate about weddings, women’s fashion, health, fitness, cooking, volunteering for worthy causes, and hosting events- therefore incorporating it all into Glamour90210!

We ship all items purchased within 24 hours and we do accept returns if you’re not satisfied. Thank you for your business! We love comments, feedback, and suggestions, so please feel free to contact us.